Apathy is the Greatest Evil

Life of the affected is an everyday struggle to overcome. Imagine the world disregarding your life because of the heartless notion that you are food and therefore should not be treated equally? Envision a person subjected to the greatest evils in this world only then to be discarded and forced to maneuver through life afflicted by the residual demons?

Trauma, abuse, neglect, and abandonment result in physical, emotional, and sexual scars which create callous chains of hardship that result in the demise of the soul. Both humans and animals who share similar experiences question life, plagued by the desire to remedy even the darkest of hearts.

Mutual healing occurs when humans and animals strive to make today the best of the greatest tomorrows. By sharing your soul with another, tranquility will be achieved and one's traumatized essence will flourish with love, purpose, a reassurance of safety and peace, and a drive and determination for a glorious future.

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Farm Goat


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