Sanctuary Growth and Development

All things business including future projects, expense receipts, and land development quotes linked here.

The Moving Forward Sanctuary continues to, well keep moving forward. Our momentum knows no limits and the projects forged on the sanctuary are well thought out and masterfully executed. With so much change daily, we want to keep you supporters apprised of our developments. Feel free to click on the respective links for sale receipts, quotes for land development, or ideas for the future. Make sure to check our updates often so you won’t miss out on important stories, announcements or opportunities.

Currently we are in the fund raising stage of our growth. Please view the latest goals and associated dollar values below. Also, please visit our Donate page to provide assistance in our progress. Thank you so much.

The beginning

0 Chapparall Rd West, Union, Ohio 45236 

Fundraising Goal = $22,616.67

As you would imagine, the proper land location is imperative for the success of the sanctuary. Finding land that will support both the short-term and long-term goals of the sanctuary is crucial. Considerable time and energy has been spent in researching available properties. Additionally, funding measures are in place to raise the necessary money needed to secure land.

Wix Website Services - Fundraising Goal = $485.64

Sharing the progress of the sanctuary would not be possible without the internet which reaches billions of people worldwide. This invaluable resource comes at a cost, however. The creation of the site along with the hosting for Moving Forward Sanctuary is a necessary expense. If you have the resources, please consider donating to the cause.

Website Mockup
Image by Marvin Meyer

Go Daddy Web Domain - Fundraising Goal = $81.83

Securing the proper web domain was the critical first step in getting Moving Forward Sanctuary off the ground. The idea for this land of mutual healing has been developing over 20 years. Only now is it possible to transition this dream from paper thoughts to concrete application. A proper web address reinforces our mission.

Startup CostsFundraising Goal = $5,000

Starting the sanctuary will require housing not only for the sanctuary founder but shelter, food, and necessities for the sanctuary's first animal inhabitants as well. Construction of a 200 square foot tiny home as a permanent residence will be the first build along with a barn, water collection equipment, off-grid capabilities including solar, vegetable beds, fencing, and much more. Your generosity is greatly appreciated with this undertaking.

Free Range Poultry Farm
Exterior I.jpg

Tiny House on Wheels - Fundraising Goal = $28,546.10

Every sanctuary needs a comfortable home to allow for recovery, cultivate peace and comfort, and provide safety and security. This tiny house on wheels provides the simplest of housing approaches due to its off-grid specifications and allows for future growth and expansion.