Become a Member of the Moving Forward Sanctuary Team

Moving Forward Sanctuary focuses on providing the greatest life for animals who have endured horrific pasts. Our work is inspired by the drive to rehabilitate the fractured souls of these animals by releasing them from the chains of their abusers.

On a human level, maneuvering through life with psychological complications as a result of trauma, abuse, neglect, or abandonment can be overwhelming. Here at the sanctuary, you will be supported by fellow survivors who share in a similar past and currently walk in similar shoes. A mutual understanding of the residual complications begins the healing process.

This mutual understanding coupled with the intrinsic healing when caring for another results in a peaceful mediation of one's troubles and a balanced mind. Quieting the demons that afflict each and every one of us creates the peace we are so longing for. 

Animal Care

Daily life at Moving Forward Sanctuary includes all-encompassing care of the animals and land.  Farm labor is hard work with no days off, but the rewards are priceless. Days are structured to maximize efficiency and to provide the greatest level of care for our animals.

Baby Raccoon Bottle