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Donations are the lifeline for any non-profit. You can be assured that all purchases and expenses are publicly presented with documentation provided on our site. This transparency warrants you a piece of mind knowing exactly the spending of your donation.

Paypal offerings along with cryptocurrency blessings are accepted. Please complete the form so that Moving Forward Sanctuary has a record of your giving. Additionally, direct donation buttons are provided below. Please click on the corresponding button to provide your generous gift. Our hearts are humbled by your thoughtfulness and giving.

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Paypal and Cryptocurrency Donations

Your financial contribution will change lives.

There is no denying the necessity of money and its importance in assisting the Moving Forward Sanctuary in achieving its goals. All of us here cannot thank you enough for your assistance. Please share our link with friends and family to assist our mission. The entire Moving Forward team thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.

Moving Forward Sanctuary is currently in the process of finalizing the 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. Any donation you provide will be a tax write-off for your future taxes. A receipt will be generated and emailed to you for tax purposes once tax exempt status is achieved.

Additionally, all cryptocurrency donations can be viewed on their respective blockchains. These donations will be held in a BlockFi interest bearing account to maximize growth during this current cryptocurrency bull cycle.

Lastly, Moving Forward Sanctuary is extremely transparent and will provide receipts and estimates for all development on the property for you to view at your leisure. Please feel free to email with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Growth of this project only happens with your faith and trust in our mission. Therefore, we want each and everyone of you to feel secure with your blessing.