About Our Organization

Founded in 2021, Moving Forward Sanctuary is the culmination of failed therapeutic treatment options for its founder Todd Seyler, a survivor of child abuse as a result of the fledgling foster care system in Cleveland, Ohio.

Todd was originally diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, depression, and borderline personality disorder in 1996. Realizing that decades of psychotherapy were not eradicating the omnipresent complications associated with childhood abuse, Todd sought alternative methods of treatment to combat his demons.

Through anecdotal experience and self-realization, Todd forged a treatment plan comprising of intense exercise, strict lifestyle and nutrition choices, along with the constant drive to help animals as the therapeutic remedy to mitigate his tortured soul. 

Now 46 years old, Todd wants to share his approach with other survivors of trauma, abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

The Moving Forward Sanctuary combines a purposeful existence towards the welfare and care of both domesticated pets and farm animals along with daily exercise, a plant based diet, and a holistic understanding of healing to provide relief where traditional psychotherapy methods have failed.